About us

Lee Archer
Co-founder, author

Lee Archer is a WW2 researcher and writer. In the 1990s, Lee made master models for Accurate Armour of Scotland, which ignited his passion for research. He lives and works in the rural south of England.

Bill Auerbach
Co-founder, author

Bill Auerbach was a WW2 armour historian and writer from NY state, USA. He wrote for a number of military and modelling magazines, and published many books through Panzerwrecks. Sadly Bill died on 16 April 2015. Read more about him here

Lukas Friedli

Lukas Friedli is an attorney and a former Swiss Leopard II tank gunner. After his acclaimed first book in 2005, Lukas continued his research on the subject under the mentorship of Thomas L. Jentz.

Darren Neely

Darren’s first book for Panzerwrecks was Nürnberg’s Panzer Factory, co-authored with Roddy MacDougall. In 2015 he authored Forgotten Archives 1, the first of an exciting new series. Darren lives in Maryland, USA

Timm Haasler

Timm Haasler is a commercial executive in the consumer goods industry. A former artillery officer and graduate of the University of the Federal Armed Forces in Munich, he wrote his diploma about the rest and refitting concept of the German armed forces in World War II. Timm lives in Melle, Germany.

Simon Vosters

Simon Vosters is an Archivist who lives in Belgium. He wrote his master thesis on the German retreat through the Belgian Ardennes in September 1944. Simon studied Modern History at the University of Ghent and specialised in the Study of Archives at the University of Brussels.

Hans Weber

Hans Weber studied law at the University of Berne and works as Notary in Switzerland. He is part of the Duel in the Mist team.

Roddy MacDougall

Roddy MacDougall is a sales engineer and account manager in the building industry in the United Kingdom. His specialism is the German Panther tank.

Bojan Dimitrijevic

Bojan Dimitrijevic, Ph.D historian, deputy director of the Institute for Contemporary History in Belgrade. Between 2003-2009, served as advisor to the Minister of the Serbian MoD, Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of Serbia, also as Assistant to the Minister of Defence. He has published over 50 monographs and 100 scientific articles.

Felipe Rodna

Felipe Rodríguez Náñez, AKA Felipe RODNA is an architect, CG artist and military Illustrator from Salamanca, Spain. He has been interested in military subjects since childhood and his interest for illustration ran parallel to modelling. Felipe’s artworks have great attention to detail and his work shows a balance between technical illustration and art.

Robert Kraska

Robert’s bio to follow.

Mario Lippert

Mario’s bio to follow.

Kamen Nevenkin

Kamen Nevenkin is a military researcher and author from Sofia, Bulgaria. Kamen has published a number of books about the fighting on the Eastern front.


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