We’ve Moved

Well not us exactly – the books have moved to a new warehouse, not that anyone’s interested … All 24,000 of them. No longer are they by the sea in sunny Eastbourne (as pictured), but just up the road from Panzerwrecks Towers in Heathfield.
Panzerwrecks on pallets

Happy Christmas Panzerwreckers

It’s been a busy year – from Hetzers (dare I say the word for fear of being corrected), to models and finishing up with a tome about Panzer Brigade 107. Who knows what 2017 will bring? Well, I have an idea … Panzerwrecks will be publishing more hard and softcover books. Expect more stunning artwork from the master Felipe Rodna, unit histories, vehicle profiles and special offers.

Buon Natale Panzerwreckers!

Panzerwrecks 7 – well that’s that.

The last copy of Panzerwrecks 7 was sold this morning and will wing its way to its good home on Monday morning. It joins Panzerwrecks 12, and soon Panzerwrecks 9 in the ‘out of stock’ status. It’s not out of print though, as I may decide to reprint at a later date, but realistically speaking it won’t be anytime soon.

Until then, keep Panzerwrecking!

The new look PW

Welcome to the latest version of the Panzerwrecks website. Why the overhaul? Primarily because the previous site was not ‘responsive’ for viewing on smartphones and tablets. As a result, the full desktop site was always served. This new site is responsive and easy to navigate on mobile devices. I took the opportunity to overhaul the colour palette, as the old ‘camo’ scheme was a hangover from the first site from 2005. The product pages have been redesigned and can show different information for different books. This is relevant for larger hardbacked books where you might want to know more about the author or what the chapters are. Conversely, a Panzerwrecks series book has features and vehicle lists. One thing currently unavailable is the ability to order a signed book. Once I get to the bottom of this, I will reinstate it. In the meantime, just leave a note in the, erm, notes section at the checkout.

A more comprehensive list of improvements is here

Coming to a Theatre Near You Nov .14th, Brad Pitt in “Fury.”

Sony will be releasing a WW2 film, “Fury,” written and directed by David Ayer and starring Brad Pitt as a hardened tank commander, on November 14th of this year. The title refers to the name of Mr. Pitt’s Sherman, and the film is said to depict how members of “the greatest generation” really behaved under the duress of prolonged combat. Unlike “Kelly’s Heroes,” which was filmed in Yugoslavia where surplus medium tanks were available and a T-34 could be mocked up to resemble a Tiger, “Fury” was filmed in England and features the Tiger I from the Tank Museum in Bovington in running condition, so attention has been paid to details both large and small. In an earlier blog entry, I brought your attention to Glen Sire’s “The Death Makers,” a book with a similar theme and time frame (US tankers in the closing months of the war). Although not cited as a source of inspiration per se, it will be interesting to see how closely the film will hew to the book.

Panzerwrecks X P22 – Sturmgeschütz III in Berlin – extra photos

Lack of space meant that we could only use one shot of the Sturmgeschütz III on the corner of Invalidebstrasse and Brunnenstrasse. Is it us, or does the German policeman bear more than a passing resemblance to a member of the band Devo? It must be that hat.

Seen any other lookalikes in Panzerwrecks? Drop us a line. (Opens in a new window)