Breakdown Flag for Panzers from Lukas Friedli

Finally I found some more info on the Ausfallflagge (repair flag). This description has been found in the manual D76 “Panzerangriff im Rahmen einer Infanteriedivision vom 23 Juni 1936.” When the flag was hung (ruhig gehalten) it meant ‘Breakdown,” when it was waved (geschwenkt), it meant “Help Required!”

Type of flag                                 a) hung                           b) waved

Red Flag                                     Ready for action!            Swarm attack!

Blue and Red Flag                      Full cover!                       About face! March!

Command Pennant                    Leader here!                   Your tank!

Breakdown Flag                         Breakdown!                     Help needed!

Repairing the Panzers Vol.2: ID update from Stefano Di Giusto

Stefano Di Giusto contacted me recently with a nugget of extra information concerning Repairing the Panzers Vol.2. Over to you Stefano:

I have bought “Repairing the Panzers 2”, very fine book as usual. I just want to inform you that the unit of the tanks pictured on page 28 and 147-149 is Pz.Rgt. 201 (later renumbered Pz.Rgt.23), belonging to 23. Pz.Div. In addition to the regiment insignia visible on several photo (the kind of arrow), on page 147 you can also barely see on the mudguard the Tour Eifel that the 23. Pz.Div. used.