Panzerwrecks 9: P44/45 Unit ID Confirmed

Martin Block emailed us with confirmation of the unit for the M41 90/53 801(i) on pages 44 & 45 of Panzerwrecks 9:

“These days I was approached by an Italian researcher who had some questions about the II./Pz.Rgt. 26 in September 1943. Searching for answers to his questions I was browsing through the ‘Zustandsberichte’ of the 26. Pz.Div. and by chance realized a detail I have managed to miss all the many times I have studied them before. The ‘Kriegsgliederungen’ do show a single 9 cm Pak (i) being with Stab Pz.Rgt. 26 continuously from 1.12.1943 until 1.3.1944. How I failed to notice this so far I don’t know. Must have been a case of “at times one doesn’t realize the wood because of all the trees” as a German saying goes;-) But now I have little doubt that this 9 cm Pak (i) was nothing else than the M41 90/53 801(i) s/p gun with 26. Pz.Div. markings shown in PW 9 Italy 1 on p 44/45 which I then had failed to attribute to any divisional subunit.”

Thanks for kindly sharing this information with us Martin.

Panzerwrecks 9 P52 – 2cm Flakvierling auf MB 4500A *NSFW*

Some photos show the devastating effects of warfare in an all too graphic way. We thought long and hard about whether to publish the image on page 52 of Panzerwrecks 9, as it shows a dead German crewman. In the end we decided that we would publish it as there was not much detail in the crewman. The motion picture sequence included a close-up of the Flakwagen which due to the nature of it being a close-up showed him in too much detail. This image is shown below, but with him carefully blacked out as some could find it distressing.

Panzerwrecks 9 P27-37 – Pz.Kpfw.III (Fl)

When assembling the Pz.Kpfw.III (Fl) in focus feature in Panzerwrecks 9, which relied heavily on a technical intelligence report made by the US Army, we elected to leave out information relating to where best to shoot at the Flammpanzer & information on smoke grenades. Here are the two pages:

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Panzerwrecks 9 Credit clarification

Panzerwrecks would not be what it is without input from researchers who are willing to give their skill and time to assist with identifying wrecks. The credit in Panzerwrecks 9 reads like Barry Crook supplied just artwork, in fact he contributed to the research & provided an identity to a number of wrecks.

Apologies to Barry for making him out to just be a talented artist, he’s a talented researcher too.

Panzerwrecks 9 P59 – Pz.Kpfw.P40 737(i)

Stefano Di Giusto also enlightened us about the P40s on page 59: “The P-40s of Polizei-Panzer-Kp. 15 carried a number on the nose, exactly as the P40 on page 59; a series of photos of the company surrender inNovaraat the end of April 1945 are in Daniele Gugliemi’s book Italian tanks on German service.”

So, ignore our ID of Polizei-Pz.Kp.10 or 12, it is Polizei-Pz.Kp.15.

Thanks to Stefano for sharing this information.

Panzerwrecks 9 P44-45 – Semovente 90/53

Stefano Di Giusto was kind enough to share an exact identification for the M41 90/53 801(i) (Semovente 90/53) on pages 44 &45 of Panzerwrecks 9. We knew that it belonged to 26.Panzer-Division because of the divisional insignia on the gunshield, but did not know which unit within the division.

Stefano says: “As Daniele Guglielmi pointed out to me, the Semovente 90/53 from 26. Panzer-Division belonged to the Stabskompanie of Pz.Rgt. 26, as shown in an chart dated 1stDecember 1943.”

Thanks to Stefano and Daniele Guglielmi for making this information available.

Panzerwrecks 9 P64-67 – Tiger I

A few people have noted that there is a tactical number on the turret side of the Tiger on page 64-67 of Panzerwrecks 9.

Don Campbell says: “… the Tiger on pages 64-67 is our old friend ‘A2’ of 508 – the number is very faintly visible under the soot in the pic on p.66 – the exhaust for the generator can be seen on p.64 and the fittings for the steckmast on p. 67, confirming it’s a Befehlstiger.”

Stefano Di Giusto says: “… in the Tiger photo on page 66 I really cannot see a 3 but I seem to see clearly an “A” painted on the turret side. You’ll remember there is a known photo of a Tiger from s PzAbt 508 with turret nr A2″.

It goes to prove that no matter how hard or long you stare at something you can always miss a detail. Or two. Below is a crop of the turret side from page 66.




Panzerwrecks 9 – the missing Flammpanzers & a correction.

Most readers know that we try to give a subject as good a coverage as our page count permits. Sometimes photos are left out either because they do not tell any more to the story or in this case because the images are too poor. These two photographs were included on the original tech intell report made by US intelligence in February 1944.

The first image shows the two Flammpanzers at a collection point. In the foreground is ‘F24’ (fgst nr 77651) without the Bosch headlamp, behind is ‘F23’ (fgst nr 77887). Page 29 gives the wrong fgst nr. It should be 77887. The second image shows ‘F23’ and a Pz.Kpfw.IV at the same location.

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