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The Hetzer, officially referred to as the Jagdpanzer 38. Often overlooked by modellers and tank nuts, in favour of impressive big cats such as the Tiger and Panther. Certainly the soldiers who photographed the wrecks of the German army were more interested in the bigger vehicles, but not Panzerwrecks. Entering service in 1944, and with more than 2,500 produced, they equipped many Infantry and Volksgrenadier-Divisions. The vehicle had its problems such as lack of space, limited traverse and thin side armour, but it was designed as a replacement for the open topped Panzerjägers. In that respect it could be considered a success.

In Focus 1: Jagdpanzer 38 is the first in a new series from Panzerwrecks and is our first about this diminutive tank hunter. The product of 25 years of research, it includes new information, a great many unseen photos and new insights into the Jagdpanzer both on the battlefield and after the inevitable destruction.