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The Panzerwrecks series started in 2005, the brainchild of Lee Archer and William Auerbach, UK & US based World War 2 historians. Although well received by potential publishers, we decided to self-publish to give us total control over the design and content. At the time of writing, Panzerwrecks 22 has been published, and the series continues to grow. The formula is simple: rare and unpublished photos reproduced at full-page to show the details, sympathetic pre-press treatment together with high-quality printing and binding. These 96-page softcover books are a perfect reference for modellers and students of armoured warfare alike, and the captions tell you who, when and how. How do we do that? With the assistance of experts in their field, be it in campaigns, units or Panzer production. We tip our collective hats to this ‘League of Extraordinary Panzermen’ who give up their time and knowledge time and time again to enrich these books.

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