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William Auerbach: 25 May 1953 – 16 April 2015

My Memories of a ‘Good Egg’ I met Bill in the early 1990s after contacting him through AFV News (he had been prominent in writing articles for Military Modelling, World War 2 Journal and AFV News). What started as a formal letter writing exercise evolved into a close friendship with a shared passion for late […]

Archer & Auerbach – How? pt.1

The earliest primary source document I can find linking myself to Lee is a letter from Lee dated 31 April 1996 when he was living in Brighton and I was minding my own business in the U.S. The gist of his letter was that he was writing a book on the Hetzer and its variants, […]

Felipe Rodna’s Artwork

Felipe Rodna's artwork

It all started in early 2015 when I was contacted via the Panzerwrecks Facebook page by an unknown artist named Felipe Rodna, offering to create colour profiles. Discussions ensued, but the late Bill Auerbach was reticent, so the idea of including his artwork was shelved. Fast-forward to late 2015, when I was laying out my […]

Panzerwrecks 6 updates from the bowels

Often, the search for that missing tidbit of information or morcel throws up unexpected results. A case in point here is the US Army motion picture coverage in Panzerwrecks 6 and an email spat with Bill Auerbach in 2007 and one with Darren Neely in March 2018. Darren had accessed the film showing the Sd.Kfz.251/22, […]

1945 German Colors

1945 German Colors book from AK-Interactive

1945 German Colors book. AK 403 1945 German Colors looks at original, eye-catching colour variants and camouflage patterns used by the German Army late in 1944,  until the end of the war in May 1945. The book contains more than 180 colour profiles by Claudio Fernandez showing the many camouflage patterns used by the German forces. […]

Fotos from the Panzertruppen

Fotos from the Panzertruppen - WW2 Panzer book

Fotos from the Panzertruppen book by Lee Archer and William Auerbach If you like the big photos in Panzerwrecks, you will love this 64-page book from the same authors using images taken by German servicemen. All of the pictures are from veterans’ collections and photo albums, and most from the authors’ collections. Seventy-seven photographs bristling […]

Panzerwrecks 18

Panzerwrecks 18 - WW2 Panzer book

Panzerwrecks 18 by Lee Archer and William Auerbach Panzerwrecks 18: Who modified their Jagdpanthers, and why? What non-threatening name was painted on a Jagdpanzer? How does a ‘Treibgas’ device work? When were Panzer crews authorised to paint red ‘Balkenkreuz’ on their tanks? What Panzer did a Ram Kangaroo ram? The answers to these and other […]

Panzerwrecks 16: Bulge

Panzerwrecks 16: Bulge - Battle of the Bulge book

Panzerwrecks 16: Bulge – Battle of the Bulge book What special Werfer unit was present in the ‘Bulge’? How do we know? Which unit fielded Tiger Is during the Offensive? How many vehicles were left destroyed at the crossing of the river Our? Who filled their Panzer with ladies clothes and handbags? The answers to […]

Panzerwrecks 15

Panzerwrecks 15 - WW2 Panzer book

Panzerwrecks 15 by Lee Archer and William Auerbach What naval forces were knocking out Panzers in Paris? Why would a Pz.Kpfw.IV wear T34 tracks? How do you move a 70-ton Jagdtiger? Where did the Patton Museum Panther come from? Which unusual vehicle was left at Pilsen airfield? The answers to these and other questions are […]

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