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Archer & Auerbach – How? pt.1

The earliest primary source document I can find linking myself to Lee is a letter from Lee dated 31 April 1996 when he was living in Brighton and I was minding my own business in the U.S. The gist of his letter was that he was writing a book on the Hetzer and its variants, […]

Panzerwrecks 24

Panzerwrecks 24 Cover

Panzerwrecks 24 book by Lee Archer. How did 9.SS-Panzer-Division modify their Jagdpanzer IVs? Whose Panzer crashed into a restaurant? What unique Panther was found in Greece? How do you kill a Tiger with a 6-pounder? The answers to these and other questions are found in Panzerwrecks 24, with 141 rare and unpublished large-format photographs sourced […]

Felipe Rodna’s Artwork

Felipe Rodna's artwork

It all started in early 2015 when I was contacted via the Panzerwrecks Facebook page by an unknown artist named Felipe Rodna, offering to create colour profiles. Discussions ensued, but the late Bill Auerbach was reticent, so the idea of including his artwork was shelved. Fast-forward to late 2015, when I was laying out my […]

COVID-19 Service Update

COVID-19 Service Update Here is the latest information regarding the impact of COVID-19 on our service. Packing The warehouse staff are following Covid-safe procedures. Our carriers Here is the latest information from our carriers: Royal Mail: Delays generally, particularly to destinations that involve aircraft. Tracking is unreliable and not regularly updated.  DHL Parcel (UKMail): Service […]

Panzers in Berlin – an admission of my imperfection

Greetings Panzerwreckers It was brought to my attention today that the text at the bottom of page 22 has been cut off by the small table relating to H.St.Art.Bde.249. As much as I may wish to blame everyone else, it is a problem caused by me not triple-checking the multitude of small amendments that went […]

Panzerwrecks 23: Italy 3

Panzerwrecks 23: Italy 3

Panzerwrecks 23: Italy 3 book by Lee Archer. Panzerwrecks 23: Italy 3: Whose owl insignia had different coloured beaks? What Panzer was captured and then abandoned by ‘friendly fire’? Who positioned their tank in a barn? Which units left their Panzers in Rome? Who was prepared to lose 1,000 tanks? The answers to these and […]

Panzers in Berlin 1945

Panzers in Berlin 1945

Panzers in Berlin 1945 by Lee Archer, Robert Kraska and Mario Lippert Panzers in Berlin 1945 is the most complete study of the role of Panzers in the Battle of Berlin yet published, and what some reviewers called the book of 2019. At 392 pages, the book is lavishly illustrated with 360 mostly unpublished photographs […]

2018: a review

I think the best way to sum up 2018 for Panzerwrecks is “behind schedule”. We’d planned to publish more that we actually achieved for a start. Panzerwrecks 22: Desert made it out of the computer and into your hands. The book had been a work in progress of mine for many years, and was surprisingly […]

1945 German Colors

1945 German Colors book from AK-Interactive

1945 German Colors book. AK 403 1945 German Colors looks at original, eye-catching colour variants and camouflage patterns used by the German Army from 1944 until the war’s end in May 1945. The book contains more than 180 colour profiles by Claudio Fernandez, showing the many camouflage patterns used by the German forces. Vehicles include […]

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