The primary reason for the refresh was so that the site can be used on a mobile device. The old (V2) site, although only 3 years old, had no capacity to be ‘responsive’ and the result was that the full sized site was served up to you on your phone or tablet. Not so bueno. PW V3 highlights include:

  • Fully responsive design with refreshed, simpler colour palette
  • Lightweight – pages and resources should load promptly
  • New payment provider (Stripe) allowing you to store cards (on their servers) and speeding up the buying process
  • Improved customer account section with fully featured wishlist
  • Tags – books have tags, click one to go to related books by author or subject matter
  • More information for you – every product page is configurable by us and can show as much or as little information as required
  • Improved navigation on shop pages
  • A new FAQ, with, erm, FAQs
  • A new ‘About us’ so you can find out a little more about us