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Panzerwrecks X P2 – Panzer IV/70(V)

We received a message from David. R. Roy pointing out what should have been obvious to us; that the Panzer IV/70(V) on page 2 is actually a Befehlswagen. If the tactical number of ‘201’ (a company commander’s vehicle) did not give it away, it should have been the extra antenna mount clearly visible on the […]

Panzerwrecks X P15 – Pz.Kpfw.M15/42 738 (i)

Claude Gillono e-mailed us today with an observation about the Pz.Kpfw.M15/42 738 (i) halfway down the train on page 15 of Panzerwrecks X. He noticed that the M15, seen behind the two StuGs, has the turret of a Pz.Kpfw.38(t)! It goes to show yet again that no matter how long we look at the photos, […]

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