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Panzerwrecks 13 pages 86-89 – location update

Perry Rowe got in touch with an update as to the location of the photos on pages 86-89 of Panzerwrecks 13: Italy 2. Over to you Perry: I was just looking through this again and noticed the caption to the series of pics pp86-89. Daniele Guglielmi has wrongly ascribed these to Salerno in Sept ’43 […]

Comments on Semovente da 105mm, Panzerwrecks 13 Page 63, from Massimo Foti

As you mentioned in the book, the Italians called the Semovente da 105mm “bassotto”. This isn’t just the name of a dog breed, it’s also a way to refer to somebody who isn’t that tall (just like those dogs), kind of an equivalent of “shorty”. This, of course, referred by the limited height of the vehicle, a feature that […]

Panzerwrecks 13 – Italy from an American Unit’s Perspective

When working on a Panzerwrecks, there is a great deal of material that hits the “editing room floor,” as features expand and contract, photos are rearranged, new information comes to light, or space considerations simply squeeze out text. Panzerwrecks 13: Italy 2, was no exception, but it seemed a shame to let the material go to […]

Panzerwrecks 13: StuG IV hinged visor

Martin Cavell contacted me recently to share a snippet of information that might be of interest to readers of the series. Over to you Martin: The Stug IV on p.12, I noticed for the first time that the driver’s visor’s sunshade/rainguard is hinge-connected to the visor’s armoured guard, and in this photo you can see one sunshade […]

Panzerwrecks 13, Field Notes from Tom Laemlein on Pages 78-82.

Looking over the dug-in derelict Panther (was it really derelict, or just misunderstood based on social norms and mores of the time?) on pages 78-82,   a) I think the armored roof over the driver’s compartment was removed, not blown off.  This would allow for much easier entrance and exit from the Panther now slightly […]

Panzerwrecks 13: General corrections & updates from Daniele Guglielmi

I received an email from my friend Daniele Guglielmi, author of many Italian theatre books, with a few corrections and observations. Over to you Daniele: Page 1, you can see at lest three types of tyres on the AB41s: two of Celerflex models (taken from trucks), and Artiglio di sicurezza (run-flat, very rare). It’s possible […]

Panzerwrecks 13 P42-45: Location of Elefant on Google Earth

Google Earth or Google Maps can prove useful tools for finding the locations of wrecks, assuming that you have some information to start with. A case in point is the Elefant destroyed in Soriano nel Cimino, pictured on pages 42-45 of Panzerwrecks 13: Italy 2. A good match was found on Via Santa Maria. Click […]

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