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Panzerwrecks 19 – some additions from Daniele Guglielmi

Daniele Guglielmi, long-time ‘friend of Panzerwrecks family’ sent in some additional information regarding some of the subjects in Panzerwrecks 19: Yugoslavia. Over to you Daniele: Pages 10 and 11, one of the Semovente L40 da 47/32 is an early production (it had the side hatch, even if welded shut in the factory), the other one is […]

Comments on Semovente da 105mm, Panzerwrecks 13 Page 63, from Massimo Foti

As you mentioned in the book, the Italians called the Semovente da 105mm “bassotto”. This isn’t just the name of a dog breed, it’s also a way to refer to somebody who isn’t that tall (just like those dogs), kind of an equivalent of “shorty”. This, of course, referred by the limited height of the vehicle, a feature that […]

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