Panzerwrecks 19 – some additions from Daniele Guglielmi

Daniele Guglielmi, long-time ‘friend of Panzerwrecks family’ sent in some additional information regarding some of the subjects in Panzerwrecks 19: Yugoslavia. Over to you Daniele:

  • Pages 10 and 11, one of the Semovente L40 da 47/32 is an early production (it had the side hatch, even if welded shut in the factory), the other one is a final production.
  • Page 12, the armoured shields were trench shields, used by the Italian Royal Army.
  • Page 13, the two machineguns are Italian 8mm Breda 37s.
  • Page 21, the Libli (LIttorina BLIndata, armoured railway machine) Mod. 42 was armed also with two 45mm Brixia mortars (no 81mm mortar) and two flame-throwers.
  • Page 29, the truck seems an Italian Fiat 666.
  • Page 30, the truck seems different, probably a French Renault AHR.
  • Page 34, the tankette is a L3/35 (bolted hull and casemate).
  • Page 35, the truck is an Italian Fiat 626, the tankette a L3/33 (riveted).
  • From page 26 to 29, the M15/42 tanks are early production samples; at page 47 the tank is a final sample (modified driving wheel, camouflage) and I don’t think that it belonged to the Pz.Abt.z.b.V.12.