Panzerwrecks 16 corrections

Panzerwrecks 16 P56-57

Greetings Panzerwreckers.

Ronald Stassen from Relive History 44-45 recently emailed me a correction regarding the Pz.Kpfw.IV on P56 & 57 of Panzerwrecks 16. Ronald says the photos were taken in Foy, not Recogne, as we wrote. I ran his comment past the guru of Bulge-related things, Timm Haasler, who confirmed this and said, “… that the building in the back is still located at the Foy intersection. The tank is facing East in the direction of Bizory.”

Here is the location on Google Street View:

Timm continues the corrections:

Panzer IV on page 5 is the same as the Pz IV on pages 70 & 71. It was already destroyed by elements of the 80th US Inf Div on Jan. 6th, 1944. The tank belonged to the reconnaissance platoon of Pz.Abt. Fhr.Gren.Brig., this is how the unit was named during the Ardennes Offensive.

Sherman on page 18 is most likely the one destroyed by CCR, 4th US Arm Div on Dec. 23rd, 1944, at Flatzbour northeast on Matelange.

Sd.Kfz. 251/9 on page 33 is Pz.Füs.Btl. Fhr.Gren.Brig., lost during a counterattack of the battalion on Doncols crossroads on Jan. 11th, 1944.”

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