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Panzerwrecks 15 P49 Location Update

Panzerwrecks 15 P49

Greetings Panzerwreckers. Javier Tome strikes once again with a location. This time it is the shot of the General Patton and Panther on page 49 of Panzerwrecks 15. Over to you Javier: A picture from Ebay gives the situation of the photo of Gen. Patton inspecting armor as Aubing-Munich. May be this armor was the […]

Panzerwrecks 15: Panzers in Paris ‘Then & Now’

While researching the Paris feature in Panzerwrecks 15, I took some screengrabs from Google Earth. With a few minutes to spare, I took the opportunity to Photoshop one of my photos into one of them. The results are not perfect because the photos were taken at ground level, whereas the Google Car’s camera is significantly […]

Panzerwrecks 15, Pages 69 & 70. EWMB Numbers Explained by Tom Laemlein!

Discovered too late to include in PW15, the following information comes to us via Tom Laemlein of Armor Plate Press who has just released a reprint of the Recognition Handbook of German Technical Equipment originally published in May, 1945 by SHAEF Office of Assistant Chief of Staff G-4: The 18t Zgkw on page 69 and […]

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