Panzerwrecks 24 updates from Stefano di Giusto

Panzerwrecks 24 P1

Stefano di Giusto touched base back in July (sorry about the delay in posting) with a couple of updates that might be useful for readers of Panzerwrecks 24. Over to Stefano:

p.1: Very nice photo; note that the 3-pointed star used by 15.Pzgrendiv since mid-1944 is painted on the back of the PzIV on the right. On this engagement, there is a short account on this page (a history of the 102d Infantry Division from 1945) where the date however is 17/11/44 (and they say they shot at the Panzers from 500 yards which is more credible than the 20-30 meters of the German report…. Maybe the Germans were dramatizing to try to justify their debacle).

I think the PzIV shown on pages 43-45 of PW 5 were also from PzAbt 115 (not from Frundsberg) and were destroyed on the same fight as those shown on PZ24. The running wheel in front of the driver (and radio operator) side vision port (as seen on page 44) and additional plate on the turret roof (as seen on page 45) are known to have been used by PzAbt 115 – see attached photo of PzIV 201 taken in September 1944 where the start is visible on the fender.

p. 25 PzIII with FahrgNr 74700 is not an Ausf J anymore; it was rebuilt as an Ausf N.

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