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Forgotten Archives 1 - P54

Greetings Panzerwreckers

Javier Tome contacted me recently with more information about the Tiger II on P54 of Forgotten Archives 1. Over to you Javier:

From the “345th Field Artillery Battalion” book: “On January 29, the battalion moved into position around Steffeshausen, Belgium, on the banks of the Our River, the last barrier into Germany. This was during the height of the “Battle of the Billets” when all units were scrambling for the few houses that were not completely wrecked as the tide of war swayed back and forth across this country. Snow still lay on the ground, and all the roads but those kept open by the engineers were almost impassable or impossible to find. The terrain was very rough, with hills sloping steeply down to the Our River. It was plain to see that the battle had turned definitely in our favor. In the early stages of the Battle of the Bulge, we had seen more wrecked American equipment than German equipment, but now German armor and vehicles were everywhere. There was a big new German Royal Tiger tank near A Battery’s position that had apparently run out of gas. What a monster!”

Also, The Kulturhaus Burg-Reuland has recognised the landscape around the wreck. It is a point on the road from Reuland to Weweler, near the Sägerei Oestges.

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