Panzerwrecks 13 pages 86-89 – location update

Perry Rowe got in touch with an update as to the location of the photos on pages 86-89 of Panzerwrecks 13: Italy 2. Over to you Perry:

I was just looking through this again and noticed the caption to the series of pics pp86-89. Daniele Guglielmi has wrongly ascribed these to Salerno in Sept ’43 when they are in the Anzio area in ’44. There is a Life photo showing the second one on page 89 closer up. This is said to be in the Lanuvio area of the beachhead. 

GE confirms the location of the pictures on pp86-89 as being a little north-west of Cisterna on Via Monti Lepini (and nowhere near Lanuvio!). The view on p87 is toward Cori.