Forgotten Archives 3: Altenahr Then & Now


Way back in August, I received an email from Jürgen Stähle regarding the two photos taken in Altenahr on pages 204 & 205 of Forgotten Archives 3. Over to Jürgen:

Congratulations to another well researched and documented Panzerwrecks product which I received last week. Living in the Bonn-Cologne area the River Ahr Valley and the town of Altenahr are very familiar to me. So I was really amazed to see the fotos on page 204 and 205 and as a consequence, I was taking some pictures of the scene how it looks nowadays. Nearly nothing has changed when you compare the fotos on the two pages mentioned with the fotos 1&2 I copied into the attachment. Just the cobblestones have gone and one of the two railway tracks in Altenahr has been converted to a bike lane. In order to complete the information of the location, I added an excerpt of a streetmap of Altenahr (foto 3). Additionally, I would like to draw the authors attention on page 180 of the book “Untergang – Kampf und Vernichtung der 277. (Volksgrenadier-)Division in der Normandie und in der Eifel” (Helios Verlag, Aachen 2005, ISBN 3-938208-18-X). According to german reports parts of the 277. Division were caught by surprise by an advance guard of the 2. US Infantry Division in Altenahr and as a result, some Sturmgeschütze were blown up in the road tunnel in order to block the US forces from an immediate pursuit which matches with the information given in the text on page 204 and 205.”

Altenahr Then & Now
Foto 1: Courtesy of Jürgen Stähle
Altenahr Then & Now
Foto 2: Courtesy of Jürgen Stähle
Altenahr Then & Now
Foto 3: Courtesy of Jürgen Stähle
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