More on the location of Panther in Panzerwrecks 2 from Ronny August

Following on from his previous submission, reader Ronny August kindly took the time to visit Werbig to photograph what remains of the railway station. Here is what he had to say:

Earlier than expected, I’m back again from a short visit to my old home. I tried to take some pictures at the location at railway station Werbig. Now, the most leaves of trees and bushes are fallen down and now you can recognize more details. Unfortunately, the weather was quite bad, like autumn normally is. So the pictures are not of the best quality.

Picture one (above) shows, how I think, nearly the position were the old Panther-picture was taken.

Picture two (above) shows a detail of the remains of the old, wider railway platform with its iron construction, also recognisable in the b/w picture. At wartime there were two tracks at this railway and therefore the platform had to be much wider then today with one track.

Picture three (above) shows the location nearly photographed from the position, like the old picture (1914), I sent to you.

Thanks Ronny

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