Panzerwrecks 2 P24/5 – Roadwheels

Today we received an e-mail from Rudi Schoeters who had some observations about the photos of the StuG IV on pages 24 & 25 of Panzerwrecks 2, over to you Rudi:

“P24-25 we see the ko’d StuG IV. take a closer look at the roadwheels and you’ll see a difference between the first 4 wheels and the next 4 roadwheels.

The wheels on station 5 to 8 have a protruding wheelrim which is not visible on the first four wheels.

Explanation : the wheels on station 1 to 4 are the standard roadwheels for 40 cm track, with rubber rim markings 470/90-359  meaning wheel diameter = 470mm, rim width = 90mm.
The wheels on station 5 to 8 have the same standard wheels but with smaller “earlier” rubber rims with markings 470/75 -359 meaning wheel diameter = 470mm and rim width = 75mm

The 75 mm rims were used on the ealier Panzer IV ‘s ‘ Ausf A to D/E…….from ausf F onward the 90 mm rim was used but I’ve seen some wartime pics were the old 75mm rims were still used ( old stock)

BTW : the saumur Möbelwagen has this same feature on its roadwheels”

Thanks Rudi. Here it is as a graphic:

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