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Autumn Gale (Herbststurm)

Autumn Gale (Herbststurm)

Autumn Gale (Herbststurm) book by Didden and Swarts This is a large book, with 550 colour pages, based on Allied, German and Dutch records, most of which have not been previously researched. It paints a vivid picture of how a small German Kampfgruppe (battlegroup) slowed the Allied advance at a critical stage of World War […]

Autumn Gale reprint?

Greetings Panzerwreckers. Jack Didden and Maarten Swarts, the chaps behind Kampfgruppe Walther & Panzerbrigade 107, are considering a limited reprint of their classic ‘Autumn Gale’ book, which has been out of print for two years. We already stock the Kampfgruppe Walther & Panzerbrigade 107 book and are considering taking stock of the reprinted Autumn Gale, should they decide […]

Kampfgruppe Walther and Panzerbrigade 107

Kampfgruppe Walther and Panzerbrigade 107 - a thorn in the side of Market Garden

Kampfgruppe Walther and Panzerbrigade 107 From Jack Didden and Maarten Swarts comes Kampfgruppe Walther and Panzer-Brigade 107, a successor to the acclaimed and now out of print ‘Autumn Gale’. KG Walther and Panzer-Brigade 107 existed for just over a month, and the narrative is a day by day account of all engagements, starting at ‘Joe’s […]

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