Announcing ‘Repairing the Panzers,’ by Lukas Friedli, a Ripping Yarn of Loss and Redemption

We are pleased to announce our first hardcover book, “Repairing the Panzers,” by Lukas Friedli. And what a book it is!

All told, it is a massive 256 pages, with close to 300 photos depicting all aspects of maintenance, repair and recovery of German AFVs in exquisite detail. The majority of photos are unpublished, and our landscape format allows us to present them in the best light possible.

Well researched captions accompany each photo and provide the who, what, when and where to hobbyist and historian alike. The comprehensive text, based on wartime diaries, documents and reports, is further enlivened with the necessary maps, tables, drawings and charts needed to bring this fascinating subject immediately into focus. While Lukas’ first German book ‘Die Panzer-Instandsetzung der Wehrmacht‘ was based largely on secondary sources, POW interrogations and veteran memories, Repairing the Panzers (RtP) is based solely on primary source documents found in the Military Archives in Freiburg and the National Archives and Record Administration in Washington D.C.

All the hardware, history and highlights spilled over into a second volume, but there is more than enough here to sustain your interest in the meantime. To Lukas, and to all the others who contributed to this first volume, we wish to say “Thanks for the opportunity, we think we served you well.”

More details including page samples are on the Panzerwrecks website

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