Duel in the Mist 2: The missing caption

A reader asked for a caption for the cover shot. Roddy MacDougall obliges:

The front cover shows Panther 101 which was originally the mount of Ostuf. Kremser the officer commanding 1./SS-Pz.Rgt.1 beside the Maison Communale in La Gleize looking South East. The vehicle behind Panther 101 is the Befehlspanther 002 that can also be seen on page 56. Panther 101 was originally commanded by Ostuf. Karl Kremser who was wounded on December 18th at Stavelot,  Ustuf. Hans Hennecke then assumed command of the company and as his own vehicle had been disabled during this action he also took over Ostuf. Kremser’s Panther. There are two further photographs of Panther 101 on pages 58 and 59.

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