Forgotten Archives 1 P204 – Location Update

Greetings Panzerwreckers.

Javier Tome touched base over the Christmas/New Year break with a location update for the Panzer IV/70(A) on page 204 of Forgotten Archives 1. Although the photo has been in a few books, it is often cropped so that the surrounding buildings are not seen. Never a big fan of cropping, nearly all the photos in the Forgotten Archives are uncropped. Over to Javier:

The house in the background of the Panzer IV/L70(A) is at Bennerscheid. The 745th Tank Battalion reported 1 Mk IV and 1 SP gun knocked out in town Bennerscheid (708344) in the period 20 – 21 March 1945.

The caption gave the location as Uckerath, some 5 km to the Northeast.Panzer IV/70(A) Panzer IV/70(A)

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