Panzers in Berlin – an admission of my imperfection

Greetings Panzerwreckers

It was brought to my attention today that the text at the bottom of page 22 has been cut off by the small table relating to H.St.Art.Bde.249. As much as I may wish to blame everyone else, it is a problem caused by me not triple-checking the multitude of small amendments that went into the reprint. Please accept my apologies for this – the entire print run will have this. Hopefully, the other 391-pages will have your jaw dropping so frequently that you’ll forget about this.

The final paragraph should read as follows: “After two hours, the Russians surrounded Ketzin and another breakout was attempted. A tank hull took the lead, followed by four SPWs, the remaining supply company vehicles and vehicles of other units following. Not far from Ketzin they were captured by the Russians.”

This issue will be rectified in future reprints.

Lee Archer

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