Panzerwrecks 1, P73 – RSO identification

Predrag Blanusa touched base a couple of months back, with useful nuggets of information about the RSO on page 73 of PW1. Over to Predrag:

I was recently expanding one of my databases with information from several Waffen-SS documents, when I stumbled upon a familiar license plate number – SS-224 784. The source for my original entry was page 73 of Panzerwrecks 1, where a knocked out RSO/01 is displayed at an unknown location in France. Unfortunately I can’t tell the exact location, but I can say that this vehicle belonged to the 4th (anti-tank) platoon of the 4th Company of the 1st battalion from SS-Panzergrenadier-Brigade 51 [4.(Pz.Jg.-)Zug der 4./SS-Panzergrenadier-Brigade 51]. It was one of three such vehicles within the company that was used to tow a PaK.

Thanks Predrag


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