The new look PW

Welcome to the latest version of the Panzerwrecks website. Why the overhaul? Primarily because the previous site was not ‘responsive’ for viewing on smartphones and tablets. As a result, the full desktop site was always served. This new site is responsive and easy to navigate on mobile devices. I took the opportunity to overhaul the colour palette, as the old ‘camo’ scheme was a hangover from the first site from 2005. The product pages have been redesigned and can show different information for different books. This is relevant for larger hardbacked books where you might want to know more about the author or what the chapters are. Conversely, a Panzerwrecks series book has features and vehicle lists. One thing currently unavailable is the ability to order a signed book. Once I get to the bottom of this, I will reinstate it. In the meantime, just leave a note in the, erm, notes section at the checkout.

A more comprehensive list of improvements is here