Panzerwrecks 14: Comments from Stefano Di Giusto!

Stefano Di Giusto contacted us a few days ago with information regarding some of the vehicles in Panzerwrecks 14. Over to you Stefano:

I have received Panzerwrecks 14 a few days ago, interesting as always.

I have a couple of comments on some photos:

  • Page 54: the insignia painted on the Sd.Kfz.250 is from Heeres-Artillerie-Brigade 88 (formerly Art.Rgt. 88 from 18. Artillerie-Division).
    Note the Heeres-Artillerie-Brigade 88 insignia on the mudguard
    Note the Heeres-Artillerie-Brigade 88 insignia on the mudguard
  • Page 63, top photo: this Panther is indeed from I.Abt./Pz.Rgt.26 as shown by the small black panther’s head painted just in front of the turret number; this insignia is seen on many photos of Panthers from the Abteilung operating with PzGrenDiv GD in Lithuania in summer 1944.
  • Page 62, top photo: also from I.Abt./Pz.Rgt.26, the small clear patch in front of the paint covering the turret side number probably covered the panther’s head.
  • Page 77, the Pz IV with the heart: I attach another e-bay image, the tank is not the same (the heart is not exactly in the same place) but the unit must be the same; this tank also carries a white half-circle on the front plate however I do not know which unit this might be.

    Note the heart insignia
    Note the heart insignia

Thanks Stefano! If we are stepping on anyone’s toes by publishing these images on the blog, please email Lee and he’ll remove them.

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