Panzerwrecks 16, pages 5, 70 and 71 – a failed matchup

We try our best to pull together as many views of a tank as we can. Sometimes we pull it off, sometimes we don’t. And sometimes we only get it partially right. Randy Roy touched base to tell us that the ‘old hare’ Pz.Kpfw IV on page 5 of Panzerwrecks 16 is actually the same as that shown on pages 70 & 71. Read on: “Thanks for another welcome edition of Pz Wrks. A kaleidoscope of mechanized destruction! The high definition clarity of the photos is amazing! Again revealing the minute details of our valiant history from seventy years past. I hope to see the Bulge 2 in the near future. Lucky for uncle Adolph he didn’t win and take Antwerp, possibly winning the atom bomb sweepstakes!

Addition: The ” old hare” Pz IV hybrid Ausf. F2 ( Ausf. G) on page 70,71 also appears on Page 5. Compare the:
-Steel return rollers, ( rare on this Ausf.)
-The back folded 8mm turret schurtzen with AP round damage.
-Spare track lying across the side fender.
-Twisted rear side fender section.
-Turned up front fender.
-Main gun at maximum elevation.
-Open engine access hatch ( GI holding handle).

The page 5 photo was taken first, then later moved off the side of the road, to the page 70/71 location.”

Thanks Randy

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