Panzerwrecks 17, pages 70/71 – more about the Italian armoured car

Daniele Guglielmi got in touch with some extra information about the AB41 armoured car on pages 70 & 71 of Panzerwrecks 17:

… are very interesting, not only because they show an Italian AFV in  Normandy, but also because they regard a final production AB41, built in very few samples in the Summer of 1943. In fact it has the four parts exhaust silencer, typical for all the AB43s but assembled on the very few AB41 of last production.

The tires are Libia type, developed for the African deserts and used because the “Continental” Artiglio (claw) were expensive (especially the run-flat version) and rare. The Libia tires had to be used carefully on wet roads.

The camo seems based only on one colour (probably the “cachi sahariano”, the Italian desert yellow), but the last AB41s were produced in the farm with a complete “amoeba style” pattern (green base, reddish brown patches divide by narrow yellow lines).

Thanks Daniele

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