Panzerwrecks 18, sPSW (2cm) (Sd.Kfz.234/1) page 91

Interestingly enough, on 23 April 1945, the 47th AFA Bn fired
Concentration 52 at a “20mm on truck,” using 25 rounds of M48 and
2 rounds of WP. “Effect: vehicle destroyed, burning.” The 234/1?

They also threw in a lot of Pozit-fuzed rounds:

April 12 con.15 Personnel, 68 Rds M54, 20 Pozit.
April 13 con.14 Personnel, 79 Rds Pozit.
April 15 various 290 Rds Pozit, 11 Propaganda.

It was perhaps a good idea to surrender after receiving close to 300 air bursts, and it may well be the reason splinter protection was added to the engine decks of the Jagdpanthers.

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