Panzerwrecks 21 P16 – location identified

Olivier Lefebvre touched base today with a location for ‘Charfours’ on page 16 of Panzerwrecks 21. Over to you Olivier:

The location is not Charfours but Chaufour in the Yvelines (near Vernon), which I happened to pass through a few times since I live nearby. Thanks to Google Streetview I managed to get views from the same spot nowadays, I could not get the exact same angles though. The house on the left side was converted to a restaurant and quite extended in the process, the second picture on page 16 was taken from what is now the restaurant’s parking lot. The garage on the bottom picture is now a bakery

The large house on the right is still fairly the same 70 years later.

Thanks Olivier.

Panzerwrecks 21 - Chaufours Panzerwrecks 21 - Chaufours

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