Panzerwrecks 3 P18-19

Today we heard from Stefano Di Giusto, who helped to identify the units on the above pages. He  says: “In the previous edition, I identified the Pz III N as belonging to PzAbt 212, on the ground that Jeff’s photo was captioned as taken in the area of Udine.

I have now gathered sure proof that the Pz III N belonged to Panzer-Einsatz-Kompanie “Ligurien” (previously they had belonged to 1. Kp./Panzer-Abteilung 208, which left them behind when it was transferred to the Reich to be re-equipped in early December 1944) and the StuG IV to 34. Infanterie-Division. These units surrendered to the Americans in the area of Ivrea, north of Turin.

I have seen other photos of the same groups of tanks in the dump, and I have been able to clearly identify the old tanks from 1. Kp./Panzer-Abteilung 208 among them. I do not know why Jeff’s photo is caption as taken in Udine, but that is definitely wrong.”

Thanks for the update Stefano.

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