Panzerwrecks 6 P28-29

Further research on the ‘see through’ Jagdtiger on pages 28-29 narrowed down the areas where the 63rd Infantry and the 10th Armored divisions operated together. Both divisions crossed the Neckar River in the Wieblingen area around 30 March 45. The 63rd I.D. followed the 10th A.D. through the region north of the Jagst River and reached the Kocher River and established a bridgehead at Weissbach on 9 April 45, crossing it on 11 April 45. Together they took Schwaebisch Hall by 18 April 45. The 10th crossed the Danube at Ehingen 23-24 April while the 63rd crossed at Riedheim a few days later and fought off a German armored counterattack. By 28 April the 10th had crossed into Austria and the 63rd had been withdrawn from the line. So ended the collaboration of these two units. (Ref: Shelby Stanton,”Order of Battle U.S. Army, World War II.” Presidio Press, Novato, CA. 1984. p 61-62, 135-136)

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