Panzerwrecks 5 P5-7

Back in October of 2008 we received a letter from Reinhard Pappenfuss of Dachau, Germany. He was able to tell us more about the Panzerdraisines parked up at Dachau, or was it Munich …

He says:

“In Panzerwrecks Vol. 5, pages 5 – 7 I can see interesting fotos, made in May 1945 at the SS-barracks in Dachau. In the background of the Panzerdraisines you can see the big boiler house which gave heating and warm water for nearly the whole barracks including some buildings of the nearby concentration camp.

On page 7 you can see on the left hand side of the left draisine a short part of about two meter high concrete wall. This wall encircled the area behind the two left draisines. Behind the wall was a coal stock, but empty in the spring of 1945. American troops put on April 29th 1945 a lot of German soldiers, also SS-men inside the wall and shot a lot of them without any short trial.

In the left hand side of the photo you can see two buildings of the SS hospital. See red cross flag on the roof of the right building. Draisines were parked also in 1943. A elder man told me so.

At least there must be one of the draisine turrets in the dump in the north of the former barracks. The other were scrapped by German workers.”

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Thanks for sharing the info Reinhard.

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