Panzerwrecks 6 updates from the bowels

Often, the search for that missing tidbit of information or morcel throws up unexpected results. A case in point here is the US Army motion picture coverage in Panzerwrecks 6 and an email spat with Bill Auerbach in 2007 and one with Darren Neely in March 2018.

Darren had accessed the film showing the Sd.Kfz.251/22, Panzers, Soviet SP, et al and, according to its data card, it was the railyard at Grafenwohr! Much scuttling about within emails ensued and here are some more frustrating/exciting updates from Bill:

SdKfz 251’s in Susice. The location is given as “a highway near WINTERBERG, CZECH.” 9 May 45.

Pakwagens thought to be in Susice are actually in a convoy near KINZVART(?).” 9 May 45. (Lazne Kynzvart = a spa about 25 km SSE of CHEB.)

Pumas are actually in PILSEN, and surrendered to the US 16th AD. 9 May 45.

Hhhmm, what do I say to that? Sorry?



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