Panzerwrecks 8 P44-45

Barry Crook’s capacity to notice the unnoticeable never fails to amaze. He pointed out what remains of the licence plate on the rear of the Wespe on pages 44 & 45 of Panzerwrecks 8. He says: “I should say too the last number is only a rough guess, as there’s virtually nothing to see. The rest of the sequence can be determined reasonably closely, given ’93’ is known to be the designated prefix of 12.SS Pz Div in many other photos of the period.

Another thing too – clearly the number plate was applied over the camo scheme, but it may be the number plate had received an additional light overspray of camo paint to tone it down in the field, judging by the way the layer of mud & dust does not seem to obscure the camo scheme as much as it does the number plate.”

Baz runs the excellent Panzer Wreck Proving Ground forum. Thanks for sharing the information Baz.

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