Panzerwrecks 9: P44/45 Unit ID Confirmed

Martin Block emailed us with confirmation of the unit for the M41 90/53 801(i) on pages 44 & 45 of Panzerwrecks 9:

“These days I was approached by an Italian researcher who had some questions about the II./Pz.Rgt. 26 in September 1943. Searching for answers to his questions I was browsing through the ‘Zustandsberichte’ of the 26. Pz.Div. and by chance realized a detail I have managed to miss all the many times I have studied them before. The ‘Kriegsgliederungen’ do show a single 9 cm Pak (i) being with Stab Pz.Rgt. 26 continuously from 1.12.1943 until 1.3.1944. How I failed to notice this so far I don’t know. Must have been a case of “at times one doesn’t realize the wood because of all the trees” as a German saying goes;-) But now I have little doubt that this 9 cm Pak (i) was nothing else than the M41 90/53 801(i) s/p gun with 26. Pz.Div. markings shown in PW 9 Italy 1 on p 44/45 which I then had failed to attribute to any divisional subunit.”

Thanks for kindly sharing this information with us Martin.