Panzerwrecks 9 P64-67 – Tiger I

A few people have noted that there is a tactical number on the turret side of the Tiger on page 64-67 of Panzerwrecks 9.

Don Campbell says: “… the Tiger on pages 64-67 is our old friend ‘A2’ of 508 – the number is very faintly visible under the soot in the pic on p.66 – the exhaust for the generator can be seen on p.64 and the fittings for the steckmast on p. 67, confirming it’s a Befehlstiger.”

Stefano Di Giusto says: “… in the Tiger photo on page 66 I really cannot see a 3 but I seem to see clearly an “A” painted on the turret side. You’ll remember there is a known photo of a Tiger from s PzAbt 508 with turret nr A2″.

It goes to prove that no matter how hard or long you stare at something you can always miss a detail. Or two. Below is a crop of the turret side from page 66.




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