Panzerwrecks X P92-95: A Tiger ‘Then & Now’

Regular contributor to Panzerwrecks, Matthias Radu kindly sent us some information and comparison shots of the Tiger I knocked out at Berlebeck. Over to Matthias:

“The abandoned Tiger sat on the shoulder of Paderborner Straße between Berlebeck and Heiligenkirchen. The Tiger facing uphill, coming from Detmold. The area has changed considerably since, but the prominent building in the background at the bend of the road is the clincher. It serves today as a restaurant called “Cherusker Grillstube”. The Tiger must have been part of “Panzer-Gruppe Paderborn”, abandoned on 2nd April 1945.”

I took the liberty of Photoshopping the period and contemporary photo.

Berlebeck Tiger