Panzerwrecks 21 P21 – Sturmgeschütz IV in Schondorf, or is it?

Top of the morning/afternoon to you Panzerwreckers.

Florian Bürger emailed me last week regarding the location of the Sturmgeschütz IV on page 21 of Panzerwrecks. Over to you Florian:

Thank you very much for the excellent #21! As always a pleasure reading the book. But the text on page 21 about the location of the Stug IV leaves me puzzled. The location is most certainly not Schondorf am Ammersee, which is my hometown. Schondorf has no surrounding hills. The Ammersee (Lake Ammer) has but one shore with hills, on its southeastern end (the “Holy Hill” with the Andechs monastery), but Schondorf is located on the northwestern shore. Moreover, no road approaching Schondorf is similar to the one on the photo.

Oh.  That’s a wrong location ID then … It isn’t the first and won’t be the last. :-/

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