The B word

Brexit: what a sh*tshow

The UK left the European Union on 1 January 2021, and now there are new paperwork and protocols, so thank you for that all those who voted for Brexit (which I did not)! All of the couriers that we use (DPD, UPS & DHL) have added surcharges in addition to yearly price increases. We have extra charges related to the completion of the new paperwork too. Therefore, it has been necessary to increase the courier shipping costs to accommodate this, and once I know the exact costs, I will be able to refine these prices: up or down. As I write this, I am not aware that Royal Mail will be increasing their prices.

For you, there are customs fees to pay, but apparently only on orders over your de minis level of EUR22.00. After surveying my EU customers in December, I will look at a free shipping option to ‘soften the blow’, so to speak. More of that later in January, but it will be along the lines of orders over £X qualifying for free shipping.

Oh, and happy 2021 …

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