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Panzerwrecks 7 P62 – Hummel – extra photo

It seems that Russian photographers were fond of splitting a scene over two photographic frames. A number of our images, obtained from Russian sources are like this. A case in point is the scene depicting the thoroughly wrecked Hummel in Brieg (now Brzeg in Poland). We published what is in effect the right hand photo, […]

Fotos from the Panzertruppen – P33 Lookalike?

It stands to reason that some of the characters seen posing in wartime photos sometimes look like a celebrity. Here is one from Panzertruppen; Scottish comedian Billy Connolly (I had the reference to him in the original caption, but was removed by Bill Auebach). Boo hiss.

Panzerwrecks 1 – Original Introduction

Here is the original introduction we did for Panzerwrecks 1 that contained the passage from a G-2 Periodic Report. The report mentioned the city of Osterode. Ironically, an image of a vehicle in Osterode actually appeared in “Panzerwrecks 1.” Which one was it? (Note: If we had left the original introduction in place, there would […]

Panzerwrecks X P51 – Drilling Question

After looking at this photo – again – I am at a loss as to how the ammo boxes could be fitted to a mount that was located so far forward in the fighting compartment. They certainly would have interfered with the driver. Perhaps we are seeing a Drilling on the other side of the […]

Panzerwrecks X P2 – Code name ‘Toxic’

For me, the word ‘TOXIC’ painted on the side of the Panzer IV/70(V) on page 2 immediately brought to mind the notion of chemical warfare, contamination, or some other insidious encounter with poisonous substances. (Late in the war, military thinkers were concerned that Hitler might resort to ‘mad dog’ chemical warfare tactics involving poison gas […]

Panzerwrecks X P96 – Production Wirbelwind?

We have it on good authority that the Wirbelwind seen on page 96 and inside the back cover is not a prototype but rather a production vehicle manufactured in July 1944, so please to not take the text on page 96 as gospel. Further details to follow …

Panzerwrecks 8 P82-83 – m.SPW (Gr.W) (Sd.Kfz.251/2) Identifier!

From Hilary Doyle in an email dated 30 April 2009: Panzerwrecks 8, Page 82/83 caption – Your tentative identification of a Sd.Kfz.251/2  turns out to be correct – but you are lucky as the missing Panzerschild and mount is definitely not a reliable identifier on its own. I have scanned the picture on page 83 […]

Panzerwrecks 1, 3, 4 & 5 – update on wrecks in the Netherlands

Back in December of 2007, we received a letter from Dr NCHM Heitman regarding various German AFVs identified as being in the Netherlands. Parts of his letter are reproduced here for the benefit of our readers: “After having greatly enjoyed the 5 Volumes (so far) in the Panzerwrecks series I feel I should react to […]

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