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Panzerwrecks 18, page 5: A ghostly chassis number

As we pointed out in the caption, the Jagdpanther on page 5 of Panzerwrecks 18 has a faint fahrgestell nummer (chassis number) painted on the Wanne. To be honest you would need the eyes of a hawk to see it in the photo, so here is a crop from the original, albeit played with to increase […]

Q&A with Hilary Doyle Regarding Motor Sounds of “Disguised” German AFVs.

Q: [to Hilary]: I have never been to a military vehicle rally / museum opening where German tanks in running condition were put through their paces alongside a Sherman or two. Do German tank motors (StuG, Panther in particular) have a distinct motor sound as opposed to a Sherman or M10? The reason I ask […]

Randy Roy Matches Up a Wreck or Two in “Panzerwrecks 16.”

Thanks for another welcome edition of Pz Wrks. The “old hare” Pz IV hybrid Ausf. F2 (Ausf.G) on page 70, 71 also appears on Page 5. Compare the: 1. Steel return rollers, (rare on this Ausf.) 2. The back-folded 8mm turret schürzen with AP round damage. 3. Spare track lying across the side fender. 4. Twisted […]

Panzerwrecks X P92-95: A Tiger ‘Then & Now’

Regular contributor to Panzerwrecks, Matthias Radu kindly sent us some information and comparison shots of the Tiger I knocked out at Berlebeck. Over to Matthias: “The abandoned Tiger sat on the shoulder of Paderborner Straße between Berlebeck and Heiligenkirchen. The Tiger facing uphill, coming from Detmold. The area has changed considerably since, but the prominent building […]

Panzerwrecks 15: Panzers in Paris ‘Then & Now’

While researching the Paris feature in Panzerwrecks 15, I took some screengrabs from Google Earth. With a few minutes to spare, I took the opportunity to Photoshop one of my photos into one of them. The results are not perfect because the photos were taken at ground level, whereas the Google Car’s camera is significantly […]

Panzerwrecks 15, Pages 69 & 70. EWMB Numbers Explained by Tom Laemlein!

Discovered too late to include in PW15, the following information comes to us via Tom Laemlein of Armor Plate Press who has just released a reprint of the Recognition Handbook of German Technical Equipment originally published in May, 1945 by SHAEF Office of Assistant Chief of Staff G-4: The 18t Zgkw on page 69 and […]

Comments on Semovente da 105mm, Panzerwrecks 13 Page 63, from Massimo Foti

As you mentioned in the book, the Italians called the Semovente da 105mm “bassotto”. This isn’t just the name of a dog breed, it’s also a way to refer to somebody who isn’t that tall (just like those dogs), kind of an equivalent of “shorty”. This, of course, referred by the limited height of the vehicle, a feature that […]

Panzerwrecks 14: Comments from Stefano Di Giusto!

Stefano Di Giusto contacted us a few days ago with information regarding some of the vehicles in Panzerwrecks 14. Over to you Stefano: I have received Panzerwrecks 14 a few days ago, interesting as always. I have a couple of comments on some photos: Page 54: the insignia painted on the Sd.Kfz.250 is from Heeres-Artillerie-Brigade […]

Panzerwrecks 14: Comments from Mario Lippert!

Mario Lippert contacted us recently regarding Panzerwrecks 14, he writes: On page 28 and 29 is a Panther near a railway line. I attached 3 stills which show the same Panther (in my opinion), I think it´s also from the Halbe pocket. On the last page is a Tiger II wreck in Pillau, you write it´s of s.SS.Pz.Abt. […]

More on the location of Panther in Panzerwrecks 2 from Ronny August

Following on from his previous submission, reader Ronny August kindly took the time to visit Werbig to photograph what remains of the railway station. Here is what he had to say: Earlier than expected, I’m back again from a short visit to my old home. I tried to take some pictures at the location at railway station […]

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