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Panzerwrecks 6 P66 – Flammpanzer 38

Recently we were contacted by Eelke Warrink of the Netherlands with some extra information about the label next to the driver’s visors of the Flammpanzer 38.”I recently bought Panzerwrecks 6, and was intrigued by the Flammpanzer interior shot showing a warning placard, on page 66. In the caption, you give the interpretation ‘… teile der […]

Panzerwrecks 6 P28-29

Further research on the ‘see through’ Jagdtiger on pages 28-29 narrowed down the areas where the 63rd Infantry and the 10th Armored divisions operated together. Both divisions crossed the Neckar River in the Wieblingen area around 30 March 45. The 63rd I.D. followed the 10th A.D. through the region north of the Jagst River and […]

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