Apple Pay anyone?

Greeting Panzerwreckers. I am pleased to announce that Apple Pay is now a payment option at your favourite website! You’ll need a compatible device and card issued by a participating bank, but that’s it. It’s very quick, simple and incredibly secure. A heads up though: Apple Pay cannot currently be used to ship to UK or Canadian […]

Irrelevant Trivia

We’ve Moved

Well not us exactly – the books have moved to a new warehouse, not that anyone’s interested … All 24,000 of them. No longer are they by the sea in sunny Eastbourne (as pictured), but just up the road from Panzerwrecks Towers in Heathfield.


Shipping Options

By popular demand, I have added a tracked shipping option for most destinations (except the UK, where shipping is free). Some destinations will require a signature upon delivery, some won’t. If you want the full lowdown on if you’ll sign or not, there is a spiffing PDF at the Royal Mail website (opens in a […]